Moooove over for Drawer Boy

Janelle Cammenga–Copy Editor

This spring, amidst the cornfields of northwest Iowa, the Dordt Theatre Company is presenting a play about… farmers.
And the farming storyline is fun, but it’s more than just cows and tractors. The script promises a tale of friendship, loyalty, truth, lies and forgiveness, all wrapped in bales of humorous dialogue and memorable characters.


“The humor and heart of the piece both compete for my affection,” director Josiah Wallace said. “It’s wildly funny, but the heart of the story is of loss and caring for one another.”



Photo By: Kaitlyn Baljeu

This production of three actors stands in contrast to Wallace’s mainstage of 17 actors last fall. Because of its small cast size, three male roles, he did not think he would have an opportunity to direct this play at Dordt. But this spring is an exception: With two other productions happening, one of which was written for an all-female cast, this was the perfect time to put on The Drawer Boy. And no, that’s not “drawer” like a chest of drawers. It’s pronounced like “draw-er”—a person who draws.
“It’s a play I’ve liked for a long time,” Wallace said.
He chose his cast after auditions on Dec. 15. Senior Peter Rexford, sophomore Zach Dirksen and sophomore Harrison Burns will star as Angus, Morgan and Miles, respectively.
Designers started planning for the February production back in late October.
The goal this time is realism, meaning that set and props designers face challenges like getting a working sink on stage and actually “baking” bread mid-performance. But designers aren’t the only ones with hurdles to jump.
“It’s a very naturalistic play and demands very realistic acting,” Wallace said. “This will be a challenge, as two of the characters are much older than the college students that will have to play them.”
More information on Drawer Boy should be available soon. Performances will be February 21-24 in the TePaske Theatre.
“It’s a funny and moving piece of theatre,” Wallace said.


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