Student’s thoughts on Eastable’s new online ordering feature

Elizabeth Helmkamp – Staff Writer

The Eatable app has recently received its latest update: students can now pre-order food from the Defender Grille or 55th Avenue.

“It was really handy because I didn’t have to wait in line,” junior Hannah Beltman said.

“You can order something before you even get there so that you don’t have to wait in line – you can just pick it up. It saves time, it saves energy; it’s really cool,” sophomore Hannah Veldhuisen said.

“I think the Eatable app is cool, but when you order food in class, it actually takes longer than just waiting in the line. If you just go through the line, you’ll be out sooner with your food than if you ordered it half an hour before,” said junior Rachel Roerig.

“I don’t like it because it takes longer than other stuff. The people who are in line get their food before the mobile order ones, from what I’ve noticed. But it’s nice for when it’s not busy, and when I was off campus, when the Grille was almost closed. If I knew I wouldn’t get back until right before it closed, so I just ordered on my phone, and that worked well.” said senior Mary Van Wyk.

“I personally like using the card better, just because it’s a lot faster for everybody,” said sophomore Mike Martinez said.

“I agree it is faster [to use a card], but to pre-order stuff, it’s kind of cool,” said Mitch Weymer.

“I think it’s just making life more convenient for college students, because we forget things, and we rely a lot on our phones nowadays,” Veldhuisen said.

“For fun, people place an order a minute before it closes and then say ‘Hey, I’m gonna be there in 15 minutes’ and they have to wait for you,” freshman Alan Park said.

“I haven’t used pre-ordering, but that’s definitely a feature that I want to try out,” said junior Abbey Bos.

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