“The Last Jedi” Reviewed

Josh Meribole—Staff Writer


People cheered as the words on the screen rolled once again. The world of light sabers, the force, and the rebellion is back again.



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The 8th movie in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, debuted on screen on Thursday Dec. 16th, following a line of chronological release dates, and already had thousands of sold tickets in the Box Office come opening night.



The 2 hr. 32 min. movie, said by some to be as good as The Empire Strikes, picks up from where the force awakens dramatically ends – Rey meeting Luke Skywalker.


But as it adds to the Star Wars story, what is the story like? And does it live up to its hype? Some fans who have watched the Last Jedi may like it, while others may not.  


I Am not a Star Wars fan, and when watching the latest movie in the franchise, I was left with questions as the film took new strange turns. Turns, that have pleased some fans and have left others in questions. But does every movie have to have the answers?


Here is a quick rundown on the characters, who they are, and possible changes to them:


When the Last Jedi begins, we are introduced to the main characters again: Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and a new character called Rose.


Luke Skywalker is old, grumpy, and has separated himself from the force, and is least concern with the war that is going on between the rebels and the First Order. This is different, from his young self in the first Star Wars Franchise. The change did not seem to bother fans much and is quite interesting to see the new take on his character. The Last Jedi reveals the answers why he left the Jedi Order in the first place.


Rey, the protagonist, now on the mysterious Jedi Island, filmed in Skellig Michael, Irland, wants Skywalker to teach her to become a Jedi, but could careless. Luke is unhappy with her, as he fancies loneliness and Porgs, island birds, than wilding a light saber.


Princess Leia is an all-wise, hopeful leader, and is the recipient of shocking, questionable twists in the story. The twist of her character left some fans dumb founded as if meaningless and not adding much to the story. 


Kylo Ren, the disturbed, wannabe Darth Vader, that resembles the character of a child who wants to be like his father, is said to be facing an inward battle between good and evil. The movie resembles a twisted youth who is not entirely bad. Kylo struggles with his past as Luke Skywalker haunts him and Snoke puppets him.


Finn is the same old Finn from the previous Force Awakens but with the hunger for revenge against the First Order, followed by a passionate relationship with Rey. However, in the movie we see the new character Rose interested in Finn


 Poe Dameron is further explored as a person interested with an end goal of saving the rebellion, not concerned with consequences. He is a skillful pilot collecting kills even a Star Wars gamer would have trouble keeping up with.



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The changes in the characters are not what get fans, but the story and how it is told. There are noticeable changes in the movie that will leave some fans wincing, asking why, and others people pleased. Some of the noticeable changes is with the humor. When watching The last Jedi, the style of the movie, how the jokes were told, and when they were told reminded me of the same feelings I had when I watch Marvel moves; the humor style mirrored each other (at serious moment, phrases turn the serious moment to something funny.) The comedy movie is different from past Star Wars movies.



A huge difference in the movie is with the Force and what you can do with it. Some may be happy with the new things in which the force is used, others may raise question about it. The change in the attribute in the force does not appear to have any link up with past Star Wars movies, its new.


The last Jedi is a different time of Star Wars movie, with new ideas and story. For fans who wish to embrace the change it is a great movie.


The Last Jedi as a whole, begins slow and was annoying to watch, in my opinion, and I felt a little bored while watching it. Furthermore, just before it hits its stride, there are many questionable scenes and story paths that seem irrelevant, and don’t make sense. Sadly, I can’t explain what paths I had problems with because it may ruin the movie for some. While watching it, I had a lot of questions, that I hope will be answered in the next Star Wars film.


However, towards the end picks up speed and is filled with lots of actions. The actions sent the fans wild, as gasps, and laughter are heard. The ending of the film, to a Star Wars fan, shows them why they like Star Wars.  For a person who does not like Star Wars, the last moments of the films were enjoyable.


Altogether, the movie will be loved by some fans, and leaving others in a difficult position and where it ranks in their Star Wars scale.


Like the rest of the Star Wars Franchise, there are several questions that are missing, and I wonder if they will be answered. For the sake of spoiling the movie, the questions sadly cannot be answered.




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