Future Student Leaders at Dordt

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer

Around 50 students gathered in SB 1606 to learn how to become student leaders at Dordt.
The annual “Res life info night” on Jan. 24 offered a chance for students to learn how to become leaders in their dorms and apartments.
The offered roles are that of Resident Assistant (RA), Learning Community Assistant (LCA), and Community Development Assistant (CDA). With an estimated 50 students attending the info night, spots are limited.
The speakers at the event included Kimberly Brinkerhoff, Derek Buteyn and Austin Lindemulder—all members of Dordt’s Student Services
The three spoke on the expectations they hold for the potential student leaders, focusing on their role of building learning communities within the walls of the dorms and apartments.
After the 45-minute presentation, students grabbed colored application packets from a table and milled around the room asking questions. Those seeking the LCA positions had to grab their applications later due to a printing error.
Brinkerhoff, Dordt’s Learning Community Area Coordinator, said that she is excited to work with all the new students wanting to get involved in student leadership.
The applications further outline the roles required for each of the positions. RA’s should show up a week and a half before school starts and be in their dorms at the start and end of each break.
During the school semester, an RA will be “on duty” every day in each dorm from 7pm until the next morning at 6am. Additionally, RAs are expected to attend various meetings each month and plan events for their wings.
In a process that some call overly difficult, the application must be sent in by Feb. 2 and a referral from the student’s RA and a Dordt staff member by Feb. 9. Students will then be asked to attend interviews that will take place from Feb. 12 through 21.
“[Being an RA] is awesome,” said junior Abby Smith, a current RA in Covenant hall. “I get paid to love and serve others, and that’s cool.”
Smith’s message to the future student leaders around her as she looks back on the last year is, “You’re going to love it!”


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