Women: Don’t be passive victims

Brad Weber–Staff Writer

Disclaimer: Sexual assault is and will always be a sensitive subject. Please read the entirely of this article before forming and expressing an opinion on it

Over the past few months, numerous allegations of sexual assault have come to light. Some involved men in the highest positions of power in our country. Harvey Weinstein, a media mogul; Al Franken, a senator from my home state; John Conyers, a US representative from Michigan; Roy Moore, an Alabama senatorial candidate; George HW Bush, former president; Matt Lauer, an NBC news anchor; Kevin Spacey, a prominent actor; these are just a few of the men facing serious allegations.

While I have not looked extensively into all these allegations, I was disheartened by one common trend I saw in the Harvey Weinstein cases: passive victims.

Let me be clear. The women in these situations are not to blame. The assaulted women made quick decisions and had to consider the harmful effects that a rebuttal of these unwanted advances could have on their future careers. I do not envy the choices they were faced with, and I cannot fault them for choosing the actions that they did. With that said, I believe that, in these types of situations, some actions will generally prove more effective than others.

My issue with the actions of most of Weinstein victims (of which there were many) is that the women involved were passive; that is, Weinstein and those men like him were not as violently refused as I believe would have been justified.

For any female readers out there, I want to encourage you to protect yourself by any means necessary. If a man forcibly kisses you, stop him with a well-placed knee to the groin. If a man exposes his genitals to you, liberally apply pepper spray to his face (or said exposed genitals). Do whatever is necessary to stop the perpetrator.

Now, a necessary part of this advice is for women to be equipped to meet aggression with aggression; so, here is the second piece of advice I have for women: become dangerous. Whatever method you choose, you should equip yourself with the skills and tools to defend yourself; learn a martial art, get a concealed carry permit and a gun, carry pepper spray, carry a knife.

Some would argue that we need to teach men not to sexually assault, instead of equipping women to stop men who do. Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world, filled with sinful people; no matter how many mandatory sexual assault courses we have, there will be people who disregard what they have been taught. We teach people not to steal, but we all still have locks on our cars and houses because we know that no amount of training will make people good.

I strongly believe that if every man who groped a woman ended up with a dislocated jaw, the world would be a better place. So women, please do not be passive victims. Rather, become empowered fighters who won’t put up with terrible men.



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