Professor Profile: Deb Bomgaars

Tess Hemmila – Staff Write

Deb Bomgaars“If the Mustang is here, so is she,” said Rylie Brown, a CORE 100 student of Deb Bomgaars. The telltale red 2009 Mustang parked by the nursing building is a trusty indicator that Bomgaars can be found in her office upstairs. Outside her office is a name plaque that says, “Deb Bomgaars”; tucked behind the plaque is a paper that reads “Jon’s mom” in bold writing, placed there by her eldest son. The office is full of Bomgaars’s colorful paintings and the blinds are always open to let in the natural sunlight

Bomgaars acts as both the nursing director and a nursing professor at Dordt College. The professor currently teaches a variety of nursing courses as well as a CORE 100 class

She began her career in nursing when she graduated with a degree in nursing in 1984. She earned her BSN from Briar Cliff in 1995 and an MSN in the Nursing Educator Track from Nebraska Methodist College of Allied Health Sciences in 2007

An Orange City native, Bomgaars began teaching at Northwestern College in 2007, a position she held for eight years. While teaching at Northwestern, Bomgaars continued to further her education by earning her Ph.D. in Nursing from South Dakota State University

Bomgaars came to Dordt after receiving a phone call from the school asking if she would be interested in a position here. Bomgaars originally did not plan on taking the position, but set up an interview anyway. The interview went better than Bomgaars anticipated and she was surprised to find herself sold on the position. Shortly thereafter, Bomgaars became a professor at Dordt in 2015

“I love Northwestern, but I belong at Dordt,” Bomgaars said. “I didn’t understand that until I got here, but now it’s really clear.”

In her spare time, Bomgaars has been working on revolutionizing the nursing program at Dordt. She is currently planning next year’s transition from traditional teaching to concept-based curriculum. Bomgaars has high hopes for the program and believes the change will be highly beneficial for nursing students here at Dordt

Bomgaars lives in Orange City with her husband, Gerry, and her dog, George. She has three grown sons, all married, and two grandchildren. Bomgaars takes pride in her collection of three Ford Mustangs: a ’67, a ’69 and an ’06. When she has spare time, Bomgaars likes to paint and many of her bright paintings adorn her office’s walls.

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