Study tips for finals crunch time

Sawyer Strelnieks – Staff Writer

There’s good news and bad news about the first semester coming to an end. The good news: Winter break is three weeks away. The bad news: Finals are in the way of break.

Finals are often the most stressful time of year for students. The outcome of the test can make or break the final grade a student gets in the class. To prevent a bad grade, students spend hours reading and going over content for the big tests.

Asking someone how to prepare can be some of the most useful information in preparation for finals. Upperclassmen have taken countless final tests and are veterans when it comes to study habits. Picking up tips from these students who have gone through the stressful week is can be what saves you from outdoing yourself.

Letting the brain rest is very important for college students who are exercising and cramming every bit of information they can into it.

“Get sleep,” said Caleb Smith, a senior majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. “There comes a point where the extra hour of studying is not worth the hour of sleep you lose.”

Being overtired for a test can do a student more harm than good. Professors surely do not like grading tests with drool on them because a student passed out from too much studying for that test.

Taking a few breathers in between all of that studying can be very helpful. Sitting around leaves a student with a lot of energy, so get up and let your brain focus on something else for a bit.

“Make sure you have breaks,” said Ben Tiemersma, a junior studying social work. “I’ve seen some people have a nerf war in the library. I’ve also seen some people walking around offering cookies. Make sure you have fun, as well!”

There can be a lot of downtime in between tests. Stick to your normal routine. Do some laps in the rec center, play some pickup basketball, or spend some time with friends. We are all in this together.

“While there is a lot of studying this week, remember to live a little,” Tiemersma said. “Still hang out with friends or do your hobbies, there is a lot more free time in this week than one would think!”

Lastly, use the motivation of break being right around the corner to push you through the last week. Don’t let the stress of getting an A get to you. Enjoy yourself and don’t let the little things get you down.

“Find value in God and not the grades,” said Megan Van Den Berg, a junior elementary education major. “In a couple of days, it will be break and life will be good.”

Remember that it’s not all about the grades. Get some sleep, have some fun, and do a little studying.

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