Pool expansion plan in place

Zachary Sanford—Staff Write               

On Monday, Nov. 6, the monthly Sioux Center City Council meeting voted unanimously in favor of the city recreation center’s proposed pool expansion. The All Seasons Center’s plan for expanding the outside pool will call for a total of $6.4 million.

The plans for the pool expansion came from Water Edge Aquatic Design. The bids will be set in March 2018. The hope is to have completed the building and construction by spring of 2019.

“This project is part of supporting our growing community with great quality of life amenities,” said city manager Scott Wynja. “Based on feedback from the public over the last several years, we want to consider adding some aquatic recreational options for a wide range of ages.”

The additions being added include a lazy river, a variety of water slides, diving boards, mini-zip line, and a climbing wall. Many of these ideas have come from public support on the designs. The last time the pool had a renovation was roughly 14 years ago.

“I wish that they’d put down another ice pad,” said Dordt senior and hockey player Adrian Visser. “They should revamp the hockey locker room, too—it hasn’t been the same ever since the football team took over our locker room and trashed it.”

Rather than just increasing the city’s property tax to pay for the expansion, Wynja said that the money will come from increased sales tax and cash revenues, in addition to the city tax.

The remodeling and remaking will make the All Seasons Center a hot spot for families in the summer. This will fetch in more revenue with support from Dordt College across the street, which will also serve as a source of revenue by bringing in college students during the hot days to come.

Moving forward, locals have shown interest in an upgrade to the local pool. Kids are already talking about the new improvements even during simple visits to the now-inside pool, and parents are making plans to get season passes in the next few years.

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