Ter Haar takes to the spotlight in student short films

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer

You think your semester is busy?



Contributed Photo

Senior Adam Ter Haar is currently in four Dordt student film productions, after having just finished a piece in One Acts.


Ter Haar first got into acting in his freshman year when a friend majoring in film asked him to play a part in his short film.

“I think the ones I’m doing this year are a lot of fun,” Ter Haar said. “Because I get to have a lot more prominent roles.”

At this point, Ter Haar estimates he’s acted in somewhere between 10-12 student film and theater productions at Dordt.

“If I could go back in time, I probably would try and add in an acting minor as a freshman.”

As a senior majoring in both criminal justice and social work on top of his Dordt acting career, Ter Haar has plenty to juggle.

“What’s nice about this year is that all the acting I’ve had to do is during the weekend,” Ter Haar said. “Weekends, I’m usually not doing too much schoolwork so I’m able to just fit it in there and call that my recreation time.”

Once he graduates, Ter Haar’s long-term goal has little to do with acting, however. Instead, he eventually wants to join an organization that fights against human trafficking.

Still, there are purposes to Ter Haar’s acting work, too. It’s more than practice for a criminal justice path of playing good-cop, bad-cop.

“The first and foremost goal [of my acting] is just meeting new people,” Ter Haar said. “The second favorite part for me is probably just being able to have so many different roles and adding different dynamics to each character, bringing something different to that person.”

The three senior project films—directed by super senior Lucas Simonson, senior Aaron Radtke, and senior Ellen Inggrid Dengah—will be shown on Dec 13th in SB 1606. The fourth film is directed by junior Jake Brouwer and will be presented in the Grille at 7pm on Dec. 11th.

“I’ve really enjoyed being in One Acts,” Ter Haar said. “And I’ve really enjoyed being in the films, and it’s been an awesome experience to have my senior year.”



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