Classes in Memology added to course list

This article was published in our bimonthly satire issue: The Zircon.

Paleb Collema and Klarissa Crayonedge—Staff Writer

Dordt College is set to offer a new series of cross-listed courses in both English and Communications this next Fall to satisfy the widely popular meme culture that is growing at Dordt College.

At this stage in the process there are four courses that will be offered pertaining to memes. The first course that academic advisors are encouraging students to take their freshman year is COMM 125 Introduction to Memology.

This course option is set to be a three-credit, full semester course that can give students credit in either English or Communications majors. The course will include how memes have influenced modern day social media as well as an expansive history of memes.

Many students are elated at the opportunity to take courses that involve this great source of humor in modern-day culture.

“I can’t wait to get involved in these courses,” said senior Frederick Van Memen. “Memes are a great stress reliever when I’m having a bad day, or I need a break from homework.”

Dordt plans to roll out a second and third course beginning in the fall of 2019, each of which will be worth four credits. The first is COMM 210 Dank Memes, which will be followed by COMM 211 Spicy and Edgy Memes.

Students will look at dank memes in the first semester, which are memes that everyone can understand and are used frequently. The second course will study spicy and edgy memes. These memes are typically offensive and are often more difficult to understand.

If these courses are well received by the student body and deemed necessary to further the social and educational well-being of Dordt students, the Academic Affairs Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy is willing to consider expanding the courses offered involving memes, which it is hoped will pave a way for a future degree in Memology.

The Crying Jordan Meme or a picture of an extremely upset girl with the “My Reaction when I am in a movie and the people behind me are talking” caption above the picture are just a few examples of all the dank memes that these three courses will examine.

The fourth and final new class offered will be COMM 099: Meme Generating. This course will be taught by Communication associate professor Bruce Kuiper.

“I’ve been pushing for this class for a long time now,” Kuiper said. “I’m so glad it’s finally been approved.”

COMM 099 does not have any prerequisites and is open to any major. Public Relations majors especially will benefit from this class.

“With the way social media is headed nowadays, these courses are a must for PR majors,” Public Relations professor Tom Prinsen said.

Prinsen said that employers are looking for all kinds of ways new graduates can relate to clients and potential customers. Memes are so widely-used now that it is standard practice to be able to create and interpret them to appeal to all age groups.

These courses will go through everything you need to know to create the best meme possible. Ranging from the history of memes to choosing the right photo to writing the caption and deciding which topics can be made into a meme, the courses will prepare you for any meme war in which you might find yourself in the future.

“We’re taking ‘every square inch’ and expanding that to the cyber world,” Kuiper said. “We need to equip students to dominate meme wars and redeem every square inch of the internet, too.”


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