New Complex in-progress

This article was published in our bimonthly satire issue: The Zircon.

Boaty McBoatface–Staff Writer

Last week, board members voted to begin accepting bids for a new apartment high-rise.

If all goes smoothly, the board is hoping to see construction begin as early as next summer. The apartment building is planned to be finished by the fall of 2020.

The new building; however, is not planned to house students. Early thoughts and ideas show that the building is designed to house parents and family members that are not ready to let their child go to college alone.

The thought is to allow parents to live on campus anywhere from a few weeks up to the entire first semester with their freshman children.

Cody Kaemingk, an admissions counselor at Dordt, says that all too often he is met by parents that aren’t sure if they are ready to see their babies leave the nest quite yet.

“I think it’s a great idea to give parents an option to live on campus for a while with their child until they’re ready to see them start a new chapter in their lives,” Kaemingk said.

There are mixed feelings on this topic throughout the school. Many think it sounds silly to bring your parents to college.

“College is a time to begin making decisions on your own,” said Carol Stevens, a sophomore studying at Dordt.

Others see this apartment complex as a “helpful transition for families” into an unknown chapter in their lives.

Dordt, like any other college, is focused on growth and maintaining a strong community within its campus. The planning and zoning committee said that building a new place for people to stay could possibly be what kicks Dordt College into the next gear for growth.

Kaemingk later added that if the parent housing complex falls through, the planning board also introduced an idea to for super-senior housing. The building will also house several psychiatrists to help assist the super-seniors with their guaranteed last effort to change their major once again.


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