Trap Shooting Club shoot things, builds comaraderie

Tess Hemmila—Staff Writer

Deep Breath.


Pull the trigger.

Hit the target.

The feeling of seeing a target explode and knowing that you made it happen is exhilarating. This sensation is a familiar one for many members of the Dordt College Trap Shooting Club.

Trap shooting is a form of competitive shooting that involves shooting a target called a clay pigeon, with a shotgun as it’s launched into the air. The club plans to have weekly shoots at Rock Valley Gun Club.

The club, oddly enough, was not started by a Dordt student, but by Jason Enerson, a senior at Estherville Lincoln Central. Enerson, deciding to come to Dordt next year, wanted to start the club so it would be in full-swing when he attends.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to shoot on a college team and I also want to go to Dordt, so this seemed like a good way to do both,” Enerson said.

There is more to the club than shooting. A great deal of the time spent at the club is spent socializing when members are not shooting.

“I think the most appealing aspect of this club is the camaraderie that is built,” said Tom Prinsen, the faculty advisor for the club. “It’s nice because there’s built-in social time.”

trap shooting

Contributed Photo

The club is new and open to accepting any new members. The president of the club, Morgan Hoogendoorn, said the club is working on recruiting and getting firmly established now, although it will be focusing more on competitive shooting in upcoming semesters.

“I encourage anyone to come out,” Hoogendoorn said. “It’s a really good time. We don’t mean to scare anyone off, we welcome all beginners.”

The Trap Shooting Club is not only geared toward seasoned shooters. According to the club’s mission statement, the club “strives to provide opportunities for education, training and mentoring of students in a safe, Christian and ethical manner.”

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” said club vice president, Dillon Branderhorst. “We’ve got a lot of people in the club who are good at instructing, so don’t be afraid to start.”

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