Student One Acts progress

Emma Stoltzfus–Staff Writer

            A cement room with black walls. A panel of judges seated in a semi-circle. A single row of students with pieces of paper in hand. Anticipation.

Two weeks ago, Wednesday, students from Dordt’s directing class hosted auditions for their one-act plays in the New World Theater.

The 15 students had each chosen a short play and were searching for Dordt students to act in them. Applicants signed up on a whiteboard by the theatre pod in the days leading up to the audition.

Five or six students at a time were brought into the theater to sit in chairs along the wall. One by one, they would walk up to the strip of tape on the floor in front of the line of judges’ tables and deliver their monologues.

The potential actors either chose from one of the six monologues on the theatre whiteboard or presented pieces they had found for themselves.

Throughout their performances, various members of the 15-member panel asked them to “hold!” and continue on in a different manner than before.

Requests included, but were not limited to: Pretend you’re being chased by a bee, talking to a boy you really like, trying to get an animal out of your pants, or sharing a big secret.

Sophomore Katie Fictorie—who has been acting on and off since she was 10—auditioned for a role in the one-acts.

“In the moment it was really stressful,” Fictorie said regarding the prompts given in her audition. “But that’s sort of the fun part of acting; you get those opportunities to be super spontaneous, and just be out of the blue, out of nowhere.”

With 42 roles and 58 applicants, not everybody who applied made the cut, especially since the directors were required to give roles to all the members of Dordt’s acting class.

Professor Josiah Wallace, who teaches both the directing and acting classes, said he was “really pleased with the quality of the auditions.”

Senior theater major Erica Liddle is one of the one-act directors, in addition to being part of the acting class.

“I felt badly about some of the younger students, especially those who were theater scholarship holders, who we couldn’t cast.” Liddle said. “Not because their auditions were bad, but because they either didn’t fit the roles we had or we just didn’t have enough roles.”

Results were announced by email on Friday with the list of chosen actors and their assigned plays.

The one-acts will be presented Nov. 16-18 in the New World Theater.

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