Feature Athlete: Anisa Patterson

Caleb Pollema—Staff Writer

athletefeature(photo by sawyer)

Photo By: Dordt College Athletics

Anisa Patterson is a senior exercise science and pre-physical therapy major from Escondido, California. As a left back, Patterson has played in all 18 games this year and has scored three goals on the year. Anisa started playing soccer when she was four years old, and she wears number 8 for the Defender women’s soccer team.

CB: What hobbies do you have?
“They have diminished over college. I don’t have time. My hobbies are soccer. I did soccer all throughout high school. I did horseback riding and English equestrian competing. I love reading when I have time. I like anything in the outdoors, like hiking.”

CB: What athletes did you look up to growing up?
“I actually was never into watching sports, so I don’t really have anyone that I looked up to.”

CB: What sports did you play throughout high school?
“I did soccer year-round. I’m from San Diego. Club and then high school, even before high school, I would do indoor soccer and other organizations. I tried volleyball [but] I am not hand-eye coordinated at all. I tried basketball, also not hand-eye coordinated, so it didn’t work.”

CB: Why did you come to Dordt?
“Good question. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do nursing or pre-vet, which is funny because I am neither of those now. I wanted a smaller school and it was only one of four schools in the country that had those parameters. I actually didn’t even want to play soccer in college. Dordt was the only program that pursued me athletics-wise. Actually, I was looking at ASU and ASU was recruiting me as well, but I didn’t want to play Division 1. I didn’t want to have to devote that much time to soccer, but I actually love the program here.”

CB: What has been your favorite memory playing soccer here at Dordt?
“Two years ago at Morningside, we were getting ready in the locker room and I have always played left back, starting full time—my fellow teammate, Courtney, she played right back. We were always the two players that you don’t sub. We were messing around in the locker room and I jokingly locked her in one of the spare rooms and the whole handle came off, so we were getting ready for game time and we couldn’t get our main player out of the locker room and it was my fault. I started crying because I was afraid of what to tell my coach. The whole time I am freaking out trying to get my teammate out, she figured out a back way and she was sitting behind me while I was panicking and trying to figure out how to get the door unlocked. The sheer fear of locking a teammate away was kind of terrifying. It is something that the whole team still laughs about today.

“Probably another one on a more serious note would be this whole year. There are five seniors and we started out with eleven of us freshman year. There couldn’t be a better group. We meet together all the time to talk about like what we could do to better the team. We have good chemistry and I love it. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

CB: What are your goals for playoffs?
“We are sitting in fourth right now, and if we win our game on Saturday that means we get to host playoffs here at home for the first round, which hasn’t been done in a really long time. I am not too worried. From then on, it’s always been since freshman year that we are going to make it to nationals. Coming in freshman year, we had never won a game in the past two seasons combined for Dordt women’s soccer or even scored a goal in the past two seasons so coming in freshman year it was like Dordt soccer sucks. Our coach’s first goal was to win one game and that was it. Our very first game we won, and since then we have just been getting better and better. This is the best year. So, making it to nationals is our goal.”

CB: What are your personal goals for playoffs?
“I get snippy on the field. So, my goal is to not get snippy. I think to be a good encourager is my personal goal, and to not get in my own head. Dallas, our captain, always yells at me to get out of my own head during games. My goal is to calm down.”

CB: What are your plans after college?
“That’s like the dreaded question… I am actually planning on going back to nursing school. I did half the program at St. Luke’s, so I am going to go back and finish that off. I changed majors a couple of times and couldn’t go back. We will see from there. I want to do nursing, specifically in the labor and delivery specializing, and from then do traveling nursing so like every eight weeks to six months changing locations around the country.”

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