It takes two to table tennis

Zachary Sanford –Staff Writer

A savage game of skill and occasional luck. Come, if you dare, to challenge yourself to duel on the table with your paddle skills. Can you ‘handle’ the spin, control and speed?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, you should consider joining the ping-pong club.

The Ping-Pong Club meets on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. in the lower floor of the Campus Center next to the Grille. They set up one or two tables where students can come to play friendly games of table tennis. Students are often up late on Fridays, playing a relaxing (or competitive) game of ping-pong and it can be a great way to spend an evening.

“It’s not about a matter of skill, but of fun,” said club president Heath Brower. “You don’t have to be serious.”

Brower – a junior – plays with backspin and technique, but is happy to see players of any skill.

“We have people of all levels and it’s supposed to be really fun,” Brower said. “You can play and learn all the same.”

Club meetings last about two hours, but some players stay until they’re out of breath and have to call it a night. This sometimes takes until the early hours of the morning. The sound of ping-pong balls hitting the tables, paddles and walls echoes throughout the Campus Center.

“People play with spin and wicked backhand and forehand,” said club member Ryan Feauto, who plays with a strong spin himself.

The club currently has between six and eight members. There is no membership price, and plenty of paddles and balls to go around. However, if you happen to have access to a paddle, it is encouraged that you bring it along.

Nobody in the ping-pong club is Forrest Gump level, but everybody can say they have a fun time.

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