Stephanie Baccam on figuring, finances

Elizabeth Helmkamp–Staff Writer

Stephanie Baccam recently joined Dordt as Exectuive Director of Finance and Risk Management.

Tell us a little about yourself:
Stephanie Baccam: “I am a 1992 graduate of Dordt, and graduated with an accounting degree. I’m married, and I have 3 boys. My oldest son is a freshman here at Dordt, and my second is a freshman in high school, and my youngest is a sixth grader. I actually was born and raised in Hull.”

How did you end up here at Dordt?
SB: “I had spent eighteen years working in Sioux Center working at interstates companies. Sometime in the spring a couple people reached out to me. After visiting with my son I was pretty excited about being a part of Dordt College, and seeing the energy and enthusiasm that the staff and faculty have and the commitment that they have to seeing the students and institution be successful.”

What is it like being a new accountant here?
SB: “I started mid-august, so I’m still figuring things out. I’m fairly new to this role. I guess right now my job is to gain an understanding of how the finances of the college are set up and operating, and make sure that the college is utilizing our resources efficiently and with proper controls. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people who work here, the staff, the faculty, and even some of the students. I love the commitment and passion that everyone has for this institution and the drive that everyone has to see it successful. And this is probably what drew me here too, just the opportunity to impact students, even if not directly.”

What are some things that you like to do outside of work?
SB: “As a mom of three fairly busy boys, most of my free time is spent attending their activities. My husband and I are also youth group leaders at our church. When we do have free time our family likes to get out and explore, we like to hike and explore new areas within northwestern Iowa, the tristate area. It doesn’t happen near as often as what it used to.”

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