Dordt football faces NW

Sawyer Strelnieks—Staff Writer

The Dordt football team fought a tough battle last Saturday against their biggest rival, Northwestern College. But in the end, Dordt lost to Northwestern 41-23.

footballdordtvs.nw2 (photo by sawyer)

Photos By: Dordt College Athletics

Dordt controlled the whole first half of the game, walking into the locker room with a 16-6 lead over the Raiders. However, a different Northwestern team came out of the locker room after halftime, scoring seven minutes into the third quarter. Later, Northwestern took the lead in the third quarter and maintained it for the remainder of the game.

Dordt prepared for their game against Northwestern like they do for all their other opponents. One of their focuses was asking why they do things.

“This week we’ve talked a lot about why we do the things we do,” said Coach Joel Penner. “Why do we play football, why do we go to class, etc?  We believe it’s critical to focus on your ‘why’ so you have a purpose in your ‘what.’”

Dordt started the game versus Northwestern on a fast note, taking only a minute and 27 seconds to score their first touchdown. The touchdown was run in by Keithen Drury from forty yards out, followed by an extra point kick made by Jeff Paepke.

The Defender’s defense held Northwestern’s offense to only one touchdown in the first half, which was scored right away in the second quarter. Dordt answered later in the half with a 43-yard field goal by Jeff Paepke. The defenders scored again with only fifteen seconds left in the half. Brock Lamle made a pass connection with Jake Dodge in the end zone for a touchdown, making the score 16-6. Dordt showed in the first half that they can compete with some great teams.

“As a program, we have taken massive jumps in achieving what we set out to do,” says senior captain Rickey Nelson. “This season it is very evident that we have a confidence that we can beat anybody we line up against.”

footballdordtvs.nw (photo by sawyer).jpgIn the second half of the game, Northwestern scored a touchdown and extra point eight minutes left in the third quarter. Dordt answered a few minutes later when Quarterback, Brock Lamle, ran a forty-yard touchdown. Everyone was on their feet when the defender’s offense stayed on the field to attempt to convert on fourth down. The defenders only needed a yard to get a new set of downs, but Lamle took it all the way for a touchdown, the crowd went crazy when he made a sprint for the end zone.

Northwestern scored twice more in the third quarter and two more times in the fourth quarter. Dordt made a few mistakes in the second half that Northwestern capitalized on, costing them the game. Northwestern’s football team is now 8-1 for the season and ranked second in the Great Plains Athletic Conference.

Dordt’s football team has sixteen “goals” on display in their locker room for the players to see every day. One of them was to get their first ever win against Northwestern. Although Dordt didn’t pull off the win this year, they still have goals they would like to accomplish.

“We have a variety of goals for the rest of the season,” says senior captain Jake Cook. “These include having a winning season and maintaining a 3.0 team GPA.”

With a 4-4 record with two regular season games left, they hope to achieve their first winning season.

“The main team goal for the rest of the season is to keep kicking doors down,” said Senior Captain Griffin Pelot. “We strive at attacking and winning every day in order to make this team better now and in many seasons to come.”

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