Use common sense in small towns, too

Zachary Sanford –Staff Writer

Several weeks ago, there was an incident when a female was out running in the afternoon for practice when she was allegedly chased by two assailants. This incident has been a cause of concern amongst Sioux Center residents.

The female, a high school student, was running along East 1st Street past Dordt’s trail path. At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 6, the attackers jumped out and tried to grab her shirt.

“[She] was able to continue running and get away,” said Sioux Center Police Chief Paul Adkins in a Sioux Center News interview.

After being reported to authorities the following day, the occurrence is under investigation and no names have been released. This case is considered an isolated incident. The whole story can be found in The Sioux Center News.

“Sioux Center is a safe community, but no community is perfect,” Adkins said. “Use good common sense. I’ve been here for a long time. I know Sioux Center is a good community.”

This brings up the question of how safe our community is at Dordt and what we can do as citizens of the community to protect ourselves. It appears that the best advice is to use common sense and sound judgment.

In the meantime, Dordt College remains safe and rules are put in place for when incidents do occur. As students, it is our responsibility to know what is right and wrong by using good judgment and go to authorities when necessary.

“We have precautions in place to insure the safety of students and faculty,” said Chief Administrative Officer Howard Wilson. “Just be prudent and wise about what you’re doing.” Dordt College administration has contact with local emergency personnel for any emergency at any time.

Sioux Center and Dordt are known for being safe, tight-knit communities. However, this does not mean that bad things never happen. Being respectful and being aware of your actions and surroundings are important everywhere; living in a small town does not mean the town is crime-free. Using the ability to understand and act accordingly in any situation is a necessary skill that is especially important for students.

Things like this happen, but we can safely and respectfully know how to handle the situation with understanding. It is not uncommon for things like abuse to go unnoticed and we need to be aware of when it happens and put a stop to it.

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