New options for study abroad

Tess Hemmila–Staff Writer

Three new off-campus programs have recently been added to Dordt’s massive pool of options for studying abroad. The new programs available are: Scotland, Lithuania and Northern Ireland. All of the programs will be available to Dordt students in upcoming semesters.

The semester in Scotland is run through Geneva College, a Christian school located in Pennsylvania. During their time in Scotland, students take a wide variety of courses. Many of the courses examine Christianity and how it relates to Scotland. Semester in Scotland is great for students of any major, but caters especially to theology and history majors because of the emphasis on Christianity and its rich history in Scotland. Students can apply now for the Spring semester of 2018.

Study Abroad Lithuania is made possible by a partnership with Lithuania Christian College in Klaipeda. Because this program is run through a college in the country, there are a wide variety of areas of study and courses available to Dordt students while studying abroad there. This is a unique experience for all students because it is easily compatible with an array of majors. While staying in Lithuania, students live with other international students in dorms on campus, allowing for a diverse dorm experience. Applications for the Fall semester of 2018 are due in March.

Northern Ireland Semester is run by the Council of Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) BestSemester program. Students on this trip will be immersed in life in Belfast. As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is rich with opportunities for exploration and valuable learning outside of the classroom. This trip offers a curriculum of well-rounded courses that make the semester beneficial for students of any major. This diverse range of classes work well with majors in the humanities and arts. Applications for the Spring semester are being accepted until Nov. 1.

“Just from the sound of it, the Northern Ireland Semester seems incredible,” said Joel Kostelyk, a junior and student ambassador for CCCU. “The living arrangements are going to be amazing and throughout the semester there’s going to be a lot of traveling.”

Studying abroad is a rewarding option for many students, allowing them to be independent, broadening their view of the world, and providing experience living in other cultures. These opportunities are most beneficial for students interested in learning more about other countries and cultures.

An added perk of studying off-campus is that some students are able to further their careers and job prospects for after college. Along with making new friends, students can make useful connections and gain valuable experience in their field while participating in these programs. It is not uncommon for students to make connections with companies and people that allow them to obtain jobs after graduation.

“Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to further your studies off-campus,” said Rebecca Tervo, coordinator of off-campus programs. “There’s something about being in a new place and learning while in another culture that is so profound and unique.”

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