NERF club begins: Nerds Enjoying Rich Fellowship


Caleb Pollema–Staff Writer

The idea began as a hobby for four Dordt students who were looking to take a break from college stress and relive their childhood memories. The desire for such simple enjoyment led to the birth of the newly established Nerds Enjoying Rich Fellowship (NERF) club on campus.

“We are all about having fun, relieving stress, taking a break from college life to be a kid again, and just enjoying the game,” NERF club vice president Luke Gilliland said. “Making memories and getting welts.”

Club founders Noah Woolston, Luke Gilliland, Michael Alsum and Storm Wagner began the semester playing with the newly developed NERF rival guns that shoot round yellow balls for ammo, as opposed to the traditional NERF darts. This increased their enthusiasm for the idea, and furthered their ambition to turn this hobby into a club.

“We realized how much pain they caused and how fun it is to shoot someone,” Woolston said.

The four began playing in the entryway of the B.J. Haan last year, but realized that this activity could be turned into something much more than four friends enjoying a hobby.

The club, which was recently approved by Student Symposium, is still waiting to establish a permanent meeting place and meeting time. Club leadership hopes they can move their activities into the recently completed Science Building on campus. The building has some great hiding places with good ins and outs—along with the skywalk—that make it an ideal NERF battleground.

Club leadership asks that all members wear protective eyewear when playing to ensure injury-free fun. Additionally, the club asks that you provide your own gun, specifically the NERF Rival gun, to ensure an optimized playing experience. If you don’t have a gun, contact club leadership and they can make appropriate arrangements for you.

“It’s easy, you don’t have to be a super athletic,” Alsum said.

Look for advertisements that will be posted around campus in the coming weeks once details are finalized for the club. Woolston, Gilliland, Alsum and Wagner are looking forward to the beginning of their newly founded club and are always willing to add new members to the NERF family.

These four friends can’t wait to see what impact this new club will have on the Dordt campus community.

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