Greasers and others sweep AirBand competition

Zachary Sanford–Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the AirBand show! Hosted by Jonathan Beltman and Jake Brouwer, and set to the unofficial theme of the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, this game show, in Dordt’s rendition, was an experience to remember for performers and audience members alike.

If you missed the AirBand bonanza performed Sept. 29th, a Friday night, here is a recap of a night that would go down in the Dordt history books, if Dordt had history books. 8 groups of talented individuals pulled together from every part of campus danced it out in a lip sync battle for the ages.

airband 3.jpgStudents filled the audience seats in anticipation of seeing friends and roommates onstage. In the first act, the audience encountered shark and panda back-up dancers (Two and Half Men), a large Grease-styled group of theater kids (who slid, hopped, and flipped their way to a standing ovation) and a mash-up of childhood favorite Veggie Tales songs.

As per tradition, a game of egg roulette was played during intermission, and the audience winced and cheered in turn as the unfortunate eggs rolled and splattered, leaving both players with yellow streaks in their hair and on their B.J. Haan pews.

In act two, the audience witnessed a frenzy of interpretative dancing, including an unexpected rendition of Shane’s “Insecure” (group Front Couch) that left the crowd reeling with laughter and applause. Vacation Bible School songs meshed with hard rock to leave jaws dropped, people laughing, and an experience to talk about.

The battle between male and female RAs appeared to be a crowd favorite for all. The boys delivered a fun, choreographed routine of “Bye, bye, bye” with senior Caleb Smith serving as the dashing female lead of Redlumednil (so titled after their beloved Austin Lindemulder), while the ladies offered a more in-sync dance routine after their upstaging of the N’Sync classic. Walking onstage to surprised cheers, sophomore Jazmin Mendieta led the females with broom in hand, and the group swept away the competition for a 2nd-place finish.

A summary of the second intermission can’t go without a mention of the classic Dordt Walk Talk. This part of the show featured MCs Beltman and Brouwer, who took over center stage to explain the true meaning of “the Dordt Walk.” Beltman and Brouwer talked their way through three different routes of the Walk, with some helpful advice for when such a trip goes south.

The last part of the show included freshman Emma Stoltzfus as Political Taco, covering the song “You’ll Be Back” from hit musical Hamilton, with characteristic throne and paper crown. For the final performance, a group called FamiLEE brought performances to a close with a red dress, fake fire, and freshman Shavon Barker being forced to wear something he wouldn’t have worn otherwise.

airband greasersNow, here comes the part you’ve all been waiting for. As every group piled onstage in a line, the judges handed in their envelopes. Everyone had a great night, but how could the performers be thinking about anything else except the $500 1st prize? In the end, 3rd place was awarded to SkullStompers; BadBoysBossLadies took 2nd; and the Grand Prize was conferred on the Greasers.


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