Title IX: the Wheaton case

Tess Hemmila and Allison Wordes-Staff Writers

Wheaton College, an evangelical college in Illinois has made headlines because of its recent and very public Title IX case. In the past month, five football students were charged with felonies, leading back to the hazing episode in the spring of 2016. In the report, the victim reported receiving labral tears in both of his shoulders, which required surgery.

Even though the five had been deemed unable to continue playing for the football team, their names remain on the roster for 2017. Three of the five played against Carthage college as recently as two weeks ago. It is a case that has received attention because of the lack of action that was taken by the school.

When asked about the incident at Wheaton College, freshman Demetrius Rowser said, “I just don’t think anyone at Dordt has that kind of heart.”

The campus of 2,850 students is similar in size to Dordt, and shares many of the same values and goals for its institution.


“We prayed at one of our meetings for the school and for the students involved,” said Hoekstra. “The unfortunate truth is that sin is going to enter into everything in this world.”

Zuidema said Dordt starts each year positively. She noted recently that Dordt initiated leadership breakfasts for teams to encourage new students. Rather than being deterred from participating in the community, newcomers are welcomed and treated with respect.

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