Mixed reviews for new couches

Zach Steensma-Staff Writer

A new science building isn’t the only change to Dordt’s campus this year. With remodeled facilities and old furniture phasing out, a controversial change affected Southview apartments earlier this month. Apartment residents were informed that brand new couches would be provided.

Once the couches arrived, however, a number of students expressed their dissatisfaction with the new furniture, and showed reluctant to give up the older couches, despite their age.

“It feels like they selected the couches based on form over function,” said a Southview resident who wished to remain anonymous. “I mean, sure, they look nice and make the rooms look newer, but they didn’t consider the function when they ordered them. I think they need to do a better job at communicating with students and selecting furniture we can actually use, not just look at.”

Currently, Dordt provides a number of furniture items to apartment dwellers. In Southview apartments, this includes two school-owned couches.

The new couches were purchased from Highpoint Inc., a furniture dealer which operates out of North Carolina. The same brand manufactures some of the other newer furniture that can be found across campus in North, East and Covenant lobbies, as well as the science building and parts of the classroom building. The introduction of the new furniture has been an ongoing process on campus over the last few years.

However, students are more openly expressing their distaste for the new furniture now that it has made its way into their living spaces.

“I think the new couches are nice, but they seem unnecessary, since the old couches were still good. Not that we had a choice,” said junior Kirk Carlson.

The new couches feature a more modern, angular design, matching the other new furniture that has been put in place.

“There’s some design flaws as well,” said Carlson, “with the metal bar in the back and the thin foam cushions, which just make these new couches less comfortable than they ought to be.”

Other students who were happy to see the old couches leave voiced their appreciation for the replacements.

“The new couches are really long, which is nice because I’m tall,” said junior Garth Van Doneselaar. “The sections can be easily moved and split up; there’s space underneath for storage. I think they’re comfy. The old couches were bad anyways, so this is basically a straight upgrade. Plus, you still can have one old couch or your own if you don’t like it.”

Furniture upgrades across campus are expected to continue in the coming years.

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