Lights, camera action!

Colin Volkers–Staff Writer

In the past several years, Dordt College student film teams have earned awards such as a Student Emmy, Best Film in Iowa and many more. There are a total of four short films in the making at Dordt; one being a class effort and three independent film projects by upperclassmen.

The film-making process takes place every fall semester. When students are done with their films, they begin to shop them around to award shows in hopes of taking home a prize. Awards are given out in the spring semester and beyond.

The Short Film Production class at Dordt is taught by Digital Media professor Mark Volkers. The five students in the class are creating a short film titled “You’re Invited.” It will be a dark comedy. Junior Jake Brouwer is directing, Sarah Dykstra is producing, Kaitlyn Frye is editing and Ben Kuiper along with Hayden Veurink are the cinematographers.

Casting has since come to an end, and actors should be expecting callbacks in the near future. Students can follow the Facebook page “DC Short Film 2017” for updates and information about the filmmaking process as it happens.

The three upperclassman independent films being created are required as part of the Advanced Filmmaking class. These films are being made by three students: Ben Kuiper, Aaron Radtke and Ellen Inggrid Dengah.

Projects can range from short films to animations to full script writing. All student films are planned for screening in the Grille in December.

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