International student stats

Over 60% of the Dordt student body comes from out of state. A high percentage of the out of state students travel from over 500 miles to attend Dordt. There are 20 different countries represented on campus.

With this massive variety of countries and backgrounds, one begins to wonder, why come to Dordt? Out of all the places to attend college, why a small Christian college in Iowa? To answer this question, a survey was sent around to students involved in the Students Without Borders (SWB) club.

The survey included the question: “Why did you come to Dordt?” It allowed responders to answer with one of the following: Most suitable for your major/minor, most suitable for an extracurricular or program that you are involved in, I have friends that attend(ed) Dordt, I have family that attend(ed) Dordt or the students could answer with their own reason.

Of the students that responded, 37.5% said that Dordt was the most suitable for their chosen major or minor. After that large percentage, the reasons for coming to Dordt became more sporadic. Only 12.5% said that they came to Dordt because a family member was or had been here, and the same percentage responded because they had friends that had attended or are attending Dordt.

Another 12.5% said that Dordt was the most suitable for an extracurricular activity or program that they participated in.

Other reasons for attending Dordt were the scholarships offered, the fact that Dordt has a safe environment and also that the students knew professors that worked here.

While this survey did not reach the entirety of the international students, this group was able to inform students why Dordt was their choice for higher education. It is the hope that for every student, Dordt can become a home.


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