Campus abuzz for Heartland

The question buzzing about the minds of many freshman right now probably goes something like: What is Tri-State, and oh, what to do with this weekend of freedom?

Tri-State, also known as Reading Days or Heartland Convention, is a conference held at Dordt College for hundreds of teachers from Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa. The teachers meet together to hear from several different speakers over the weekend, getting a chance to learn something new for themselves. The weekend is filled with teaching, fellowship, and worship.

This year’s speakers will be Dr. Rick Wormeli, speaking Thursday, and Dordt College Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart, speaking Friday. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending the Heartland worship and speaking services, they are open to the public at 9:15 am on Thursday, Oct. 5 and 11:15 am on Friday, Oct. 6.

With four days of freedom and probably no homework, most students want to take this opportunity to get off-campus and do something exciting. Students have planned things all over the board: camping in the Badlands, road trips to Canada, short (or not so short) jaunts home, plans to attend sports games, or even finding a home away from home with roommates.

For others, the Tri-State break opens up a window to rest and recoup after surgeries. It appears to be a popular weekend for students to get wisdom teeth removed or schedule an appointment that they don’t want to miss classes for.

Students aren’t the only ones with Tri-State plans, though. Professors enjoy the break as well; it gives them time to spend at home or on a road trip with their families.

Just because some students may be planning to pack their overnight bags and leave their dorm in a rush, that doesn’t mean everyone is. Many students that are involved in on-campus activities, like the up and coming A Wrinkle in Time performance, are hanging around over the weekend to attend practice and get in a few days of much-needed sleep.


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