Study habits for new students

Sawyer Strelnieks–Staff Writer

Homework! Who the heck wants to do homework? More importantly, since professors will be assigning homework, how do students do homework?

Students all have ways of accomplishing homework. Some students bring study styles from high school. Some of these may be working well, while others are a burden and a habit that students are trying to break.

As an incoming freshman at Dordt, there is one thing you should get used to: homework. Selena Munson, a freshman studying business administration, said she likes to study alone in her dorm where it’s quiet. Music and friends are distracting when she’s trying to focus on her work. Munson recommends that it comes down to personal preference on what you chose to do. Try new things to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you.


Sarah Wallman, a senior studying elementary education, said she likes studying with friends. Listening to music helps her stay on task—except when it comes to reading. Wallman also recommends time management. She says it is a lot of pressure for her to try and finish an assignment right before it is due. For example, looking over your assignment days before it is due gives yourself a cushion to ask someone if you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are struggling in a class, she added.

Kyle Gaines, a junior business administration and marketing major, said, “Get the things you don’t want to do out of the way first.” Gaines does this by trying to get as much homework done in between classes to free up some time in the evening. If you start with the hard stuff and have questions, you have time to figure it out, Gaines added. If you are stuck on something, do not sit and struggle with it. Skip the problem and move on to another subject. Doing this will keep your momentum going.

Ben Noble, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, said he gets his assignments done early because oftentimes there will be many questions.

“With engineering work, it is sometimes hard to complete the whole assignment right away because I often have not learned everything,” Noble said. “I will sometimes complete half the assignment and leave the other half until I have learned the concepts.”

Noble likes listening to music on easier assignments because it keeps him from overthinking. He suggests that you find a secret spot where no one can bother you. (He has many but would not give them away.) Noble also recommends having a study group for certain classes that you are struggling in and utilizing time between classes.

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