Freshman Finds: Places2Go

Zachary Sanford-Staff Writer

Although the school year is just beginning, it is crucial to become familiar with Dordt College, Sioux Center, and the surrounding areas. For returning students, please help out the underclassmen around you. For the freshmen reading this, start exploring the campus and surrounding areas, if you have not already.

With the help of some experienced upperclassman, I was able to find some interesting places to visit. If you’re looking for a nice place to chat over a cup of coffee, somewhere to graze when you run out of meals, or you just want a new place to go, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started:

The first thing everybody needs in the morning is coffee. If you find yourself wanting a coffee before your 8 a.m. classes, there are a few places you should check out. Rumor has it that one of these places has a special treat for Dordt Students only. The Doughnut Run is a Dordt classic, beloved for its delicious midnight snacks; often followed by sitting around at the park with friends.

For food or coffee…

The Fruited Plain Café, 172 N Main Ave, Sioux Center – 10 mins(walk) West

Town Square Coffeehouse, 125 Central Ave NE, Orange City – 17 mins(drive) Southeast

Sfumato Pizza, 4995 Carnes Dr, Alton, IA – 25 mins(drive) South

For those individuals who love exploring and getting away from Sioux Center’s big city bustle, here are places you need to visit. All of these places are open to the public, although you might have to pay for parking in certain seasons. Getting out of town allows you opportunities to spend time with friends and create memories that are worthy of campfire stories.

For sites and scenes…

Oak Grove Park, 4051 Cherry Ave, IA – 21 mins(drive) West

Palisades State Park, 25495 485th Ave, Garretson, South Dakota – 1hr 8mins(drive) North

Calling all longboarders, skateboarders, pennyboarders, scooter-ers, and bike riders! Now is the perfect time of year to check out hot spots across campus and across town. Sioux Center is a great place to pick up longboarding and other methods of transportation. There are lots of hills and straight-aways to practice your techniques. The city parks around town are ideal for short rides that don’t require a lot of work or experience. Going on long distance activities is a great way to get a workout, too.

Central Park – 3 blocks west on 5th St NE (5-7 mins)

Open Space Park & Athletic Fields (All Season Sport) – 880 7th St NE (5-7 mins)

Children’s Park – 10 blocks South on 9th St SE or Nature trail (south campus) (10-15 mins)

Westside Park – 12 blocks West on 7th St NW across Main Street (20-25 min)

Towers Field – 6 blocks West, 8 blocks South. Located 9th St SW & 2nd Ave SW (30-45 mins)

Regency Park – 22 blocks South on U.S. Route 75 (Main Street) on Route 75 & 410th St. (25-40 mins one way)

Students get tired of constantly being in dorm rooms. We encourage you to get out with friends, and get away from your homework. Spend some time outside enjoying the Creation that God has created us to be a part of.

Zach Sanford Places.jpg

John Davelaar, Mark Schussler, Jamie Veldhuisen, and Reggie Hostetler climb to the top of a rock jutting out for a better vantage point of the Slip Rock Creek at Palisades State Park in Garretson, South Dakota. Photo Credit: Kyle Gaines (2016).


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