Dining updates to Eatable

Emma Stoltzfus-Staff Writer

Technological advances on Dordt’s campus are finding their way into our daily routines. The new Eatable app is no exception. Eatable is a mobile wallet intended to streamline payments for meals in the various eating venues around Dordt’s campus.

Using Eatable allows users to check their meal count and Defender Dollar amount in real time. It also allows students to make payments, do meal exchanges and read the day’s menu from anywhere.

In January 2018 there will be  a mobile ordering system that gives students the ability to order meals ahead of time and skip the lines—helpful when you have very little time between classes and need to squeeze in a meal.

At the moment, the Eatable app takes students about as long to check in as it does with their ID card. However, Marlene Tullar, a Dordt Dining employee since 2013, believes the app has the potential to be much faster with a little help from the students themselves.

“It’s nice when they say what their name is when they come in, so then I can look for the name instead of trying to find the face,” said Tullar.

A way to speed up the Eatable payment system can be simply introducing yourself when you walk in. A smile and a ‘Hello, my name is _______’ will go a long way in both cheering up those around you and allowing everybody a chance to eat as quickly as possible.

Emma Stoltzfus Eatable This is Tess Hemmila and Marlene Tullar.jpgJake Jensen an employee at the Grille, says he wishes “more people would download (the Eatable app), because for us it would be faster.”

He mentioned that less students use the Eatable app in the Grille—about 20% to 30% of students—compared to what Tullar estimates to be 50% usage in the Commons.

Right now, check-in with the app and ID take about the same amount of time. However, with more use and practice the Eatable app could very well become the quickest and most versatile way by far to gain access to meals across campus.



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