Student discovers dorm orientation

Susan Verbond-Staff Writer

Most days, sophomore Amelia Engersma felt like she didn’t belong.

She started out her freshman year in Covenant Hall, third floor north. She and her roommate hardly fought, she figured out the best time to get a hot shower and she played her share of basement pool.

But something was wrong.

“I think it was a combination of the spacious rooms and nice basement that really set me off at first,” Engersma said. “It was too perfect.”

While everyone around her basked in the glory of Covenant Hall, she just couldn’t get into it. Other girls relished the long walks to their classes. She didn’t. Other girls loved the party-oriented basement. She didn’t.

When winter set in and made her morning walk treacherous, her frustration and feeling of being out of place grew. Her friends noticed her struggles and encouraged her to talk with the on-campus counselors.

“She was not in a good place,” said Engersma’s ex-roommate Charlotte Peterson. “You could just tell.”

It took Engersma a long time to figure out the problem, but once she did, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen it earlier.

“I was a Covey girl on the outside,” she said, “but I wasn’t a Covey girl on the inside. I belonged in West.”

She spoke with her RA, Annie Sears, who then started Engersma on her life-changing journey across campus. Engersma has now moved into the close-knit West Hall and acclimated to her new living conditions.

“Every day, I’m more and more sure that I made the right choice,” Engersma said. “West has a great, cultish atmosphere, and they’ve even got a catchy slogan.”

To show her pride for her newly-discovered dorm orientation, Engersma had the words “West is Best” tattooed across her back.

Instead of feeling out of place as she did in the past, Engersma now enjoys the cramped living conditions and extra chores that accompany the West experience.

“Using public bathrooms in Covey just felt wrong,” she said. “Not cleaning sinks or toilets was too easy. Now that I’m in West, I get to leave passive aggressive notes for my roommates who don’t follow the cleaning schedule. Things are a lot better.”

If you or someone you know is suffering from being placed in the wrong dorm, contact your RA or visit

Editor’s Note: All Zircon articles are the Dordt Diamond’s semi-annual homage to the time-honored, First Amendment-protected, great American tradition of satire. The literal truths of these articles are not to be taken at face value, but we hope the hidden truths allude to the absurdities of some of the realities we face in society today.

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