Pro-tech entry equals tight squeeze

Anna Veltkamp-Staff Writer

To compensate for a predicted rise in enrollment, Dordt College’s administrated is asking next year’s upperclassmen to increase the number of students who live in each apartment unit. In response to this new rule, students are treating this change with mixed feelings, both concern over the sustainability of an increase of students-per-room and also a shortage of storage.

Some students agree that an increase in bodies-per-room will help to strengthen the feeling of community on campus. Many others, however, face this change with questions and concerns.

“[Housing that many] people in East [campus] is insane, especially for storage,” said sophomore Jordan Kooima, who concludes “they need new housing.”

Derek Buteyn and Kim Brinkerhoff of Student Services note that an increases in the number of students in individual apartments have happened multiple times in Dordt history, and both feel that this mandate may be well achieved.

Brinkerhoff advises students who fear a lack of storage to get creative with how they live and store their possessions. Buteyn offers similar advice.

“When I lived in East campus, we had six guys in one apartment,” said Buteyn.

“It seems like such a shock, because it’s new to you,” said Brinkerhoff. But once students acclimate to the new living situation, she feels housing with four other students will seem normal.

Buteyn and Brinkerhoff said that although students may not like this requirement, many signed up for the largest amount of students possible in each living space in both Kuyper and Southview. According to Brinkerhoff, this occurrence is a relationship thing; students want to be with their friends.

Taking into account the growth of student enrollment in previous years, Buteyn said that the college still predicts a large enrollment of traditional students in addition to incoming Pro-Tech program students. The arrival of the Pro-Tech students is predicted to be just the same as any new student arrival.

Buteyn said Student Services does not anticipate it will have to overcome any big challenges beyond the influx of students. Housing may be cramped, but administration feels that the tight living situation is a necessity for the time being.

2 responses to “Pro-tech entry equals tight squeeze

  1. I graduated in ’98. We had 8 of us gals in the East Campus apartments due to housing shortage. You just make it work!


    • Kendra, since ’98 the East Campus apartments have been renovated. Prior to those renovations, East Campus had three bedrooms. One of those bedrooms was eliminated and replaced by a larger living room, leaving only 2 small rooms as they are now. Nevertheless, 8 people in 3 rooms is crazy.


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