Featuring athletes: Gingerich and Thayer

Clarissa Kraayenbrink-Staff Writer

Seniors Cam Gingerich and Jake Thayer have a lot in common, the most noticeable commonality would being that they’re both baseball squad members.

But when you dig deeper, you find out they fell into baseball in similar ways, came to Dordt for similar purposes and now love Dordt for similar reasons.


Cam Gingerich

Both players were influenced by family members to play baseball. Gingerich grew up with three older brothers who were always playing Wiffle ball or baseball with him in the summer. Thayer’s dad played baseball all throughout college and passed on his love of the game to his son. Both seniors started playing ball when they were little and, from those memories, grew into the players they are today.

Gingerich is majoring in agriculture-business. He chose to attend Dordt because of the opportunity to play baseball, to earn a Christian education and due to his desire to stay in the Midwest. Although Thayer is a civil engineering major, he too chose to attend Dordt because of his major, because he would be taught from a Christian perspective and because he wanted to play baseball.


Jake Thayer

Thayer and Gingerich have been roommates for two years, but teammates and friends for all four years of their college careers. Gingerich credits much of their success on the field to the strong bond the two share.

“We both have a drive to succeed and push each other to be better each day,” Gingerich said. “We keep each other accountable in baseball and [in] life in general, and wouldn’t have the strong friendship we have without the game of baseball we both love.”

Now that they have spent three and a half years at Dordt, both players enjoy the friendships they have built both on and off the field.

“Between living with four of my teammates, spending time with other teammates outside of baseball, and of course playing baseball with the guys, I know that I have made many friendships that will last long after my baseball career has ended,” Thayer said.

Gingerich appreciates the opportunity that Dordt students have to grow in their faith. He says the convictions students have feel like ‘true faith.’ And despite not being required to go to chapel or Praise and Worship, students are still there, owning their own faith.

After graduation, Gingerich would like to own his own farm and pursue his passion for agriculture. Thayer wants to work at a job that will allow him to help people and directly impact their lives, regardless of if such a position is in the engineering field or not.

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