Featured Athlete: Paige Engbers

Clarissa Kraayenbrink–Staff Writer

Senior Paige Engbers can’t really remember a time in her life when she wasn’t around basketball.   paige 2

As a little girl living with her family in Chicago, Engbers would sit on the bench with the team while her dad coached basketball. 

Fast forward through multiple pairs of shoes, ankle braces and hair ties to February 2017 – Engbers is preparing to say goodbye to competing in intercollegiate basketball. This sport consumed her life year after year, and yet, even though basketball played a large role in her life, Engbers looks forward to what comes next. 

As a high school student at Pella Christian, Engbers decided to visit Dordt College. Engbers’ brother and both her parents are Dordt alumni. She thought it would be the right place to gain both a great education and a great opportunity to play basketball. Since making that decision, Engbers made Dordt her home. She loves the community of people that drew her to Sioux Center, Iowa, ever since the start of her college search.  

paige1Engbers credits her academic success to Dordt’s “great professors” and to encouragement from her coaches. Speaking in regards to head coach Katie DeWitt-Severson especially, Engbers said the encouragement she and her teammates receive from all of their coaches is huge. 

“She’s [DeWitt-Severson’s] found a great balance of helping us become better women and also better basketball players…Also academically and spiritually; it’s more of an emphasis than basketball,” said Engbers. 

A psychology major at Dordt, Engbers plans to attend graduate school this fall to study occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist, Engbers’ first choice of setting would be working with children in either a school or clinic.  

When asked to reflect on her time at Dordt, Engbers said she will most remember the lifelong friendships she built, the team she played for, the relationships she built with teammates and the personal relationships formed between her and her professors through the years.

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