Coffee Corner: The Old Factory

Jaden Vander Berg-Staff Writer

Located in a former wooden shoe shop, The Old Factory, located in Orange City, is known by college students and locals from both Orange City and Sioux Center alike.

Offering two open rooms on the lower level and an upstairs dedicated to meetings and music events, The Old Factory is the perfect place to work on homework, meet up with friends or have a quiet moment to yourself.   of

A variety of large wooden booths and brightly colored chairs make up the seating areas in the coffee shop. Eccentric artwork scattered throughout the shop stands out on the walls and a chalk board announces events happening at the shop each month.

One thing The Old Factory does better than almost every other café around Sioux County is food. This rustic coffee joint offers a fantastic breakfast and lunch. In keeping with the growing trend of technology, also, the coffee shop posts daily specials and sweet treats on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

In-house baker Joshua Dahl, a freshman at Northwestern College, has worked at The Old Factory since high school.

“I love how chill it is,” Dahl said. “The environment created allows me to try new recipes regardless of whether they are a hit or not.”

Community | Coffee | Conversation

The Old Factory serves more than java and juice to the greater Orange City area, however. With events such as trivia night, flickering lights film and discussion and live music, this local favorite places a strong emphasis on offering more than just coffee to the community.

“This place started with good people believing that coffee could connect people with other people and new ideas,” said Paige Rensink, Northwestern grad and barista.

“Without the people, the Old Factory Coffee Shop could be another shop that you just walk into, shy up to the counter to order an ambiguous espresso drink and sit. I’ll take conversation and friends with my coffee over many other things,” said Rensink.

CoffeeCorner.VanderBergWhy, you may be wondering, should you as a Dordt student drive 11.3 miles to a different town when coffee may be found right on campus, or when Sioux Center cafés are located less than a mile away?

For Dordt senior Renae De Waard, the answer is simple. “It’s a change of scenery beyond the literal faces of Dordt.”

**The Old Factory will close on March 17, move to a new location and reopen in late April or early May.

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