Small campus music inspirations

Anna Veltkamp-Staff Writer

Dordt College ranks highly for its student engagement – students who attend this college are informed, inspired, and challenged. This rating reaches far beyond the academic walls, and encompasses off campus activities – particularly noticeable in the musical talent found in Dordt students. Students at Dordt who express their musical talents find it an inspiration to see professors from this college engaging similar passions, whether it be on or off campus.

RuralistContributed (1)

The Ruralists, a band made up of professors and other community members

Seth Weirup, a junior at Dordt, says that getting to watch his professors perform original music is an inspiration for his own music career.

“It allows me to see a face to face person that followed the dreams that I have,” said Weirup. “[They] did something tangible.”

More than just a hobby, music is used in engaging in worship. Tianna Veldhuisen, a freshman at Dordt, says that seeing people in administrative positions use their talents to lead others in worship is what inspires her and encourages her love of music.

“Seeing people like John DeGroot, who are in leadership positions, prioritizing something so important is inspirational,” Veldhuisen said.

Dordt College is making an effort to foster a growing appreciation for music. This semester, the college built its own recording studio, and encourages the development of an individual sound and a creative atmosphere on the campus.

Marta Vander Top, a senior majoring in Worship Arts, says that Dordt is very supportive and encourages the creativeness and freedom of musical talents.

download 11.57.07 PM

The Aircraft: Kyle Gaines, Joseph Bartels & Henry Rynders

“I think that by having our own songs, our own sound, [we can] create our own atmosphere – not just worship-wise, but creative-wise,” Vander Top said.  “I think that The Ruralists, and The Aircraft are really helping shape Dordt’s creative atmosphere.”

The effects of Dordt fostering and engaging in musical talents is inspiring a growing number of students. The Washington Monthly calls Dordt College a “best bang for the buck” school, and this name goes beyond the academic aspects of the college. Highly ranked for student engagement, the growing appreciation of music at Dordt ollege is inspiring students and professors alike to express their creativity and love for music.

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