Coffee Bean: The Fruited Plain

Jaden Vander Berg-Staff Writer

Walking up to the ordinary brick building on N. Main Avenue, you would expect the Fruited Plain to be like every other “hipster coffee shop.”

But walking in the door, you are hit with a warm, welcoming vibe, not at all what you anticipated. jaden-fruitedplain

Scattered throughout the café are booths, tables and worn couches reminding you of home. The constant lull of conversation creates a cozy environment for chatting with friends or relaxing alone. Dutch art and photography sprinkle the walls, reminding you that you are still in Sioux Center, even though the shop feels like it’s a world away.

The Fruited Plain is home to more than just your typical slew of coffee drinks. The stop offers specialty cold drinks like gelato smoothies, as well as a wide selection of wine and beer.

Beyond the drinks, the Fruited Plain offers a variety of food options from flatbread pizza to soup and sandwiches.

Owner Laremy DeVries said the Fruited Plain would not exist in a town like Sioux Center without the Dordt community.

“Parents, professors and students are what keep us running,” DeVries said. “We try to foster a community here where people can interact with people who might not be their age.”

The Fruited Plain hosts events featuring live music or karaoke for the community. They also have weekly specials such as Two Dollar Tuesday and an all-you-can-eat spaghetti night on Wednesdays.

“I don’t get the obsession with coffee and coffee shops, but I like the price and their gelato smoothies,” junior Clarissa Kraayenbrink said, in reference to Two Dollar Tuesdays.

The location is perfect for a college community, as it is within walking distance of campus.

“It’s a chill place off-campus to hang out with friends and enjoy a good cup of joe,” senior Mikaela Kiers said.

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