Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match

Jenna Wilgenburg-Staff Writer

Back in the day, 25 cents proved valuable. With just one coin, you could take your turn at the kissing booth.  

Yet over years of rising inflation, not even the pursuit of love and romance could be spared.  

Until now.  

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, for little more than the cost of a load of laundry, Dordt students might be able to find new love, a new friend or at least a good laugh thanks to the Psychology Club.  

Essentially, Dordt created its own version of Christian Mingle. 

matchmakerDuring the “Love is in the Air: Matchmaker Extraordinaire,” members of the Psych Club attempted to arrange students with prospective love interests and possible friends. At the end of January, club members set up tables in the Commons and Grille area and invited students to fill out a 36-question survey. For those too shy to fill out a survey in front of their buddies, the club also made a link available that allowed students to take the survey from the privacy of their dorm rooms.  

The multiple-choice questions ranged from “What height do you prefer?” and “How late do you stay up on the weekends?” to “What do you think of ‘ring by spring?’” Each survey was sent off to a fundraising website and matched up with other participants’ surveys according to responses. The results were then distributed to participants.  

Given two dollars and pressured to fill out a survey by his friend, sophomore Justin Banks chose to participate.  

“I don’t really feel desperate,” he said. “I feel like I just maximized the opportunity that was given to me at the time.”  

Banks thinks the Matchmaker Extraordinaire could become a “Dordt-ified” version of matchmaking websites. 

The Matchmaker Extraordinaire provided names for possible love interests, as well as the names of participants’ same gender who could match up as potential friends. For two dollars, they received their top 15 matches of both males and females from their own year, the top 10 matches from other years and the top five least-compatible matches. They also received the names of two mystery matches and were only given the first names of these individuals. Two compatibility percentages were given for each name – the chance they would like the participant, and the chance the participant would like them. 

The Matchmaker Extraordinaire functioned as a fundraiser for the Psych Club. 

“It’s just a fun, quirky thing,” said Jenna Van Ravenswaay, Psych Club president. “It’s not like we’re trying to get the MRS degree happening. If something comes of it, so be it.” 

One hundred and sixty-four students participated in this pre-Valentine’s Day event. 

Some students have no intention of meeting a spouse in college, but terms such as “ring by spring,” “freshman frenzy” and “senior scramble” are common jargon around Dordt’s campus. Whether students filled out the surveys with hopes of finding a valentine, meeting new friends or  just participating for kicks, the Matchmaker Extraordinaire provided participants with lists of names to stalk on DCC, and maybe – just maybe – the spark needed to set off a new relationship. 

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