Fresh Flavor at TX

Kyle Fossé-Staff Writer

Talent Extravaganza 2017, or TX, as it’s affectionately known, offered unique experiences for the Dordt crowd. As with every year, students and faculty alike filled the BJ Haan auditorium as nine acts took to the stage.

The performances varied from dance routines and signers to jugglers and a performance on an electric ukulele. Some of the audience games were new, as well, and the “make-your-move cam” made its TX debut.

Dordt sophomores Jena Schouten and Megan Van Den Berg hosted the show and consciously tried to bring fresh ideas to this year’s show.

“We knew that Valentines’ Day was around the corner, so of course we were going to incorporate love into the show,” said Schouten.

“We wanted to do something new, because we were ready for a change.”

Van Den Berg said her favorite part of the night was the “make-your-move cam.”

“People were so good about the whole idea, which made it hilarious to watch,” she said.

The “make-your-move cam” mirrored the concept of kiss-cams often used in sports stadiums, as Dordt students were encouraged to “make a move” on the person sitting next to them by putting their arm over the other person’s shoulders.

At the end of the night, sisters Erica and Carolyn Liddle took home first prize for their juggling act, a performance that earned them a standing ovation.

Eric Rowe, who is also known for performing juggling routines in TX over the last two years, chose the dancing route this year and shared third place with his swing dancing partner, Ellen Inggrid Dengah.

The two performed a swing dance routine to “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Eric said that Ellen wanted him to “try to surprise her to give it a little more life.” He then said that “It’s been more Ellen’s vision for the dance, and it’s been fun to be a part of that.”

Junior Ariel Gomes won second place for his solo percussive guitar performance, in which he played two guitars simultaneously. Ariel is a regular talent show performer at Dordt, and this was his second time playing percussive guitar for a Dordt audience.

Gomes’ song choice came from his estimate of audience expectations. He felt that, while a lot of songs sounded better than the one he chose and he preferred playing other songs more, “people appreciate two guitars at once a lot more, simply because it’s something they haven’t seen before.”

TX is one of the year’s biggest events organized by the Student Activities Committee. The next large event taking place this semester is (Northwestern College/Dordt College), a battle of bands competition that will begin in April.

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