World Journalism Institute debuts at Dordt College

Anna Veltkamp- Staff Writer

This world is absolutely filled with stories, and if you’re someone that enjoys capturing those stories and sharing them with others then the World Journalism Institute is an exciting opportunity for you to strengthen those skills.

You don’t need to be a journalist to enjoy storytelling, or even a member of The Diamond, for that matter. Dordt College’s Professor Pitts encourages anyone from any area of study to apply.

“[All you need is] curiosity, the ability to pursue that curiosity, willingness to go, and willingness to write.”

This coming May, Dordt College will host the World Journalism Institute, a two-week experience where students may experience the life of a Christian journalist. From May 14 to 27, students accepted into the program will have the opportunity to expand their storytelling capabilities, learning from and working with real world professionals.

With free housing, tuition and food, students will practice journalism in the form of multiple different platforms: radio segments, filming, photography and writing.

Dordt College Vice President Howard Wilson said Dordt and the World Journalism Institute are natural partners, each holding to and affirming the importance on the role of faith in the exploration of truth.

“We resonate with WORLD magazine’s vision for preparing young Christian journalists to serve in the media,” Wilson said. “We believe it is important for members of the press to do their work through a Christian worldview, like all other areas of study and callings.”

Dordt senior and chief editor of The Diamond, Ashley Bloemhof, had the opportunity to attend the World Journalism Institute last May.

“WJI pushes its students into multiple spheres of journalism and forces [them] to consider how to appropriately approach the vocation of truth telling. Throughout the experience, classmates challenge and encourage one another to view a situation from a variety of angles so that their stories may be told as honestly and completely as possible.”

The World Journalism Institute is free, located on Dordt campus and offers its students the minds, eyes and ears of professional journalists who will work alongside them demonstrating how one may apply Christian faith to the world of journalism. For those who are undecided about applying, Ashley offers some advice:

“From this experience, I learned that comfort zones are often mental boundaries- so break them, and that people want to tell you their story- so let them, and that the best journalists are those who never stop asking the ultimate question, ‘Why?’”

If you’ve got that curiosity of the why’s of the world, then consider applying to the World Journalism Institute. To learn more about how to join the camp this summer, visit World Journalism Institute on Facebook and Twitter. To apply before the late March deadline, visit, and you can email questions to

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