Sustainability Committee ramps up recycling efforts at Dordt

Elizabeth Helmkamp- Staff Writer

Dordt’s Sustainability Committee is trying to increase the college’s capacity for handling recycling products.

Staci Seaman, a freshman at Dordt said, “I think it’s really important that we are aware of recycling and the benefits that come with it.”

Senior member of the Sustainability Committee Lindsay Mouw said recycling saves the campus tons of money. According to Mouw, it costs about ten dollars less per cubic yard to remove recycling rather than trash. Across campus, this adds up to thousands of dollars per year—savings that could cut out a large portion of the current $47,000 that Dordt spends on waste disposal.

To manage the recent uptick in recycling on campus, Apol, a member of the Sustainability Committee, said that two workstudy positions will soon be made available. These individuals will be tasked with handling the recent uptick in recycling as the committee plans to continue this project into the future.

“We have increased recycling significantly,” said junior committee member Elayne Apol.

“I don’t think we were expecting it to be as successful as it was. We were expecting some level of success but we were really happy with how it turned out,” Apol said.

Junior Josh Heynen, a member of the Sustainability Committee, said that the hardest part of the project was making sure everyone knew what was recyclable and what wasn’t. “Initially we thought that pizza boxes were only recyclable if they were free of grease stains. But it turns out that even with the grease the boxes are recyclable unless they have cheese or food attached to them.”

“This initiative is still in progress; it’s not like we started this and now we are done,” Heynen said.

Apol said she heard that there “ was this rumor going around that none of our recycling actually gets recycled.” Yet she assures her campus this is simply not true.

“No, we really do recycle. Dordt really does recycle.”

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