Feature athlete Sam Wensink

Clarissa Kraayenbrink – Staff Writer

For Sam Wensink, running is a passion he has maintained for over ten years.

Sam got hooked when he began running with his dad around the age of nine years old. He then began running road races and eventually competed on cross-country and track-and-field teams in school.

As a senior accounting and finance double major, Wensink runs cross-country in the fall, indoor track in the winter and outdoor track in the spring. Last spring, his teammates voted him captain for the 2016 cross-country season. In this position, Wensink led workouts by example and through encouragement.

“It’s about having a positive attitude and pushing really hard in practice,” Wensink said.

A native of Oostburg, WI, Wensink made the decision to come to Dordt College in the step of his older brother. Former cross-country coach, Greg Van Dyke, recruited him. Once he visited Dordt for himself, Wensink concluded it would be the best fit for him both academically and athletically. He said his favorite part of Dordt now is the personal aspect; his teammates and the broader campus community. Wensink said he’s had great experiences with the professors. He appreciates these men and women’s genuine care towards the students, both academically and with what’s going on in their lives. And, of course, he enjoys his teammates and the time and memories he’s shared with them.

“[Being in athletics] has kind of allowed a natural friend group for me,” Wensink said.

“It’s been a lot of fun.”

Head cross-country coach and assistant track-and-field coach Nate Wolf said Wensink is a privilege to coach.

“His talent is commensurate with work ethic, and combined they provide the foundation for his success on the track, cross country course and in the classroom,” Wolf said. “He is willing to ask questions, take advice and partner with his coaches and teammates to reach his goals and to help others reach their goals.”

Wolf said that Wensink also has an even personality that doesn’t permit him to get too high or too low. Instead, this athlete remains focused on the process of improving, rather than the outcome of past races.

“Above all, Sam strives to grow in his faith and praise God through the blessings of being able to run,” Wolf said. “This focus keeps him grounded and humble. I am thankful to be able to work with him.”

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