Art Gallery’s Bright Appeal

Ellen Inggrid Dengah- Staff Writer

Dordt College is currently hosting a selection of works by the 2016 AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) medal recipient, the late artist Sister Mary Corita Kent. This event is being held in Dordt’s Campus Center Art Gallery.

Students who came to view Kent’s work are intrigued by her bold use of color. “When I saw this specific art gallery I saw all the orange in it. It’s bright orange, mind you, and it really just pierced my eyes,” said junior Thomas Bousema.

Naomi Lee, freshman at Dordt College, had a similar experience as Bousema. Lee noticed Kent’s prints while walking to the Grille one afternoon.

“I found the art exhibit to be very colorful. It’s as if, every time you walked by, the pieces themselves came to life.”

Kent, who was born in Fort Dodge, IA, used bright colors and text, two striking factors that appeal to students who visit the gallery regularly in addition to those who have never been walked inside the space.

Freshman Nate Muyskens noted the fact that Kent’s art uses text and symbolic pop culture imagery.

“What it was to me was an example of simple art being an effective medium to send a message.”

Before this exhibit went up, Sophomore Lexi Eekhoff had never been inside the gallery. Yet when she finally ventured inside she enjoyed her experience.

“It was really cool to see all of the different words and colors she used to get her point across!” Eekhoff said.

Emi Steward, another Dordt freshman, tends to do just the opposite; she makes sure to visit the gallery whenever new artwork is up.

“This particular set drew me in by its powerful, bright colors.”

Steward thought the exhibition was a fun, stunning throwback to the 60s and 70s. She said she hopes to see even more unique artwork in the future.

Kent’s artwork will be on display through Feb. 12.

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