College football is a toss-up this year

Aaron Ladzinski- Staff Writer

When it comes to NCAA Division One football, not a single event makes sense this year.

It all started when the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan to rob the Wolverines of a berth into the Big Ten championship. From that point on, a surprising—and confusing—ripple effect spread throughout college football. Now, fans are wondering if the Big Ten champion will make playoffs. One should note, however, that the Buckeyes were beat by Penn State.

Today, the mess has slightly cleared as we know that the top teams in the country, Alabama and Washington, will face off in the first game of playoffs, and in the second game, Clemson and Ohio State will meet. Michigan and Penn State, two teams who thought their records proved they should be in the championship, did not earn the chance to establish this conviction.

College football sentiment stands strong on the Dordt College campus.

Senior Sean Quinlan said about the playoffs, “I truly believe that Alabama is over-rated…they haven’t been tested at all this year, and they’ve been on top because they started on top and didn’t lose.”

Senior and Badgers fan Ricky Walvoort, from Oostburg, WI, said, “I was cheering for Wisconsin to win the Big Ten championships, but after they lost I was hoping the Big Ten champion would get in—but that was not the case. I truly hope the system will expand to an eight-team playoff.”

Daniel Lucht had said about the playoff teams, “I don’t understand how Western Michigan was not a part of the conversation at all, as they were undefeated and won their conference.”

NCAA college football has its top four. Now, the question remains, who is going to win it all? Will Bama repeat? Will Washington continue its fairytale season? Will Clemson silent the critics? Will Ohio State represent the true Big Ten champion? It all starts on New Years’ Eve.

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