Beware of roads this Christmas season

Meagan DeGraaf- Staff Writer

As Christmas break and the time for travelling back home fast approaches, it is important for students to remember the dangers of driving across the country, the state, the country and—sometimes—even farther.

During the winter months, roads get slick and slippery from the melting and refreezing of the snow, which often turns into slush or sheet ice. When the roads freeze over, they can make for some pretty dangerous surfaces, especially for new or inexperienced drivers. Even with the headlights on and the wipers at full speed, falling and blowing snow can also make it hard to see while driving in Midwestern blizzards.

It is especially crucial to be aware of the dangers of winter driving as winter break looms on the horizon. Students often drive many treacherous miles, sometimes through the middle of snowstorms, to get home in time for family gatherings, Christmas parties and more.

The dangers of this kind of driving are very real, as seen in the very first snowstorm of the season here in Sioux County. The Sioux County Sheriff’s office reported 72 accidents on Nov. 18, the day of the first snowfall, and the roads likely saw many other minor accidents which went unreported.

To all students traveling a few miles or many, careful driving is imperative for making it home safely for Christmas.

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