Students wrap up short films

Eric Rowe- Staff Writer

Two projects, one camera. Throughout the semester, the Digital Media department’s new Blackmagic URSA Mini camera has been shared by two film crews. Next week, Dordt students will present the short films that they’ve shot, produced and edited throughout the semester. “The Way Out” premieres on Mon. the 12th at 7 p.m., and “Wilder” premieres on Tues. the 13th at 7 p.m.

Senior Kyle Fosse wrote, directed, produced and edited “The Way Out” as a senior project for his Digital Media major. The film tells the story of Amber, a girl grieving the death of her mother. She must decide to either escape from the real world or find beauty in life as it is. “The Way Out” stars senior Eliana Radde as Amber, and senior Nathan Ryder as Amber’s friend, Peter.

“Wilder” is the product of the short film class. Senior Lucas Simonson wrote and directed; junior Hannah Norton produced; junior Ellen Dengah and sophomore Rickey Nelson acted as cinematographers; and senior Connor Neal edited. Set after an apocalyptic disaster has affected the entire world, “Wilder” is an intense look at straining human relationships and personal breaking points. “Wilder” boasts a cast of seniors Stephanie Korthuis and Kyle Fosse, along with professor Jeff Ploegstra.

After both premieres, there will be question and answer panels with the casts and crews. Both short films are scheduled for run times of under 25 minutes. Popcorn will be provided.

As film makers finish up the editing and post-production process, the stories continue to come more alive. Neal, who had a smaller creative input in the beginning of the semester, found that his role as leading editor in this process, and actor input in the characters, have combined to clarify the story for him.

With a brand-new camera came new challenges with new and unfamiliar editing programs, but after all of the scheduling and creative process of filming a short film, the creators of both “The Way Out” and “Wilder” are excited to show their work next Monday and Tuesday.

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