Engineering degree to include minor in singleness starting in 2017

Melinda Windstorm

“Sorry I can’t hang out tonight – I have a date with my homework” is a phrase too-commonly uttered among Dordt’s engineering majors.

So, the department has decided to make a move on the issue. After seeing that student relationships were being affected by the business of engineer’s lives, faculty and staff have come up with a minor in singleness in order to help engineering students cope with the stress that a heavy workload can put on romantic relationships.

“Engineering is one of the most time-consuming majors when it comes to course load,” said Dug De Pit, bi-molecular engineering professor. “With this new minor, engineers will simply be able to hand their transcripts to friends in order to make it known around campus that dating for them will not be an option, due to the enormous amount of homework given on a daily basis.”

The minor is automatically given to all incoming freshmen as they adjust to the advanced workload and multitude of complex classes.

Dordt super-super-senior Travis Harris uses the minor to help him keep his life organized and bat away unwanted advances.

“The minor was a great way to let girls know that I was too busy to enter a relationship,” Harris said. “Most of my Saturday nights were spent in the Science Building anyways, so I didn’t see the need to question the minor. Actually, I use the minor in my life even today – still single.”

However, some engineers do drop the minor due to the impending senior scramble and prioritizing relationships over a good night’s rest.

This article was taken form the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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