Dordt adds Canadian culture to core program

King Leo

Dordt faculty and staff are excited to announce a new class within the culture studies program: Canadian 101. Professor Canadeh Tremblay will teach this course that promises to feature “the uniqueness of Canada.” Tremblay will offer helpful hints to mastering many of Canada’s cultural idiosyncrasies, such as the pronunciation of sorry (ˈsɑr·i) to (sore·i) to pull off an authentic accent, in addition to methods of correctly adding “eh” to the ends of sentences and effectively introducing maple syrup to every diet.

Tremblay will teach Americans authentic politeness and the right way to stay out of politics – that is, how to avoid honoring a human being with the presidency. Many Canadians are ecstatic to have Americans take this class because of the lack of knowledge that Americans have about that wild north yonder.

Canaday Veldhuzien, a Canadian student, says she is excited to see Dordt bringing in some Canadian culture.

“I’m really tired of people asking me all the time, ‘what other words do Canadians say,’” Veldhuzien said. “It will be nice for Americans to take this class to finally learn what real Canadian lingo involves.”

Dordt’s Academic Enrichment Center invites native Canadians to apply for the position of peer tutor in anticipation of the influx of Americans who will have a hard time grasping Canada’s language and culture.

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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