The True Presidential Email Scandal

Aaron Ladzinski

In shocking new developments, the president is under investigation due to an email scandal. That’s not the President of the United States, mind you, but the President of Dordt College. President Hookstra is under attack and being investigated by the FBI all because a certain private email account popped up on the dark web. The FBI will not share its findings until the investigation is complete, a process that may take months, even years.

What could the President have been doing? Talk among the faculty offices reveals suspicion that the president was giving out students’ personal information, such as Social Security numbers and banking information.

For a still unknown reason, this man whom everyone trusted for many years is being asked to step down from his current office.

It may be argued that there is no reason for the college president to have a private email account at all, especially if the person in that position is abusing its powers beyond emailing friends and family members.

Commenting on the accusations, the president said, “I am not doing anything illegal and I do not understand why the FBI has to be concerned with my private email. At this time, I will not be resigning because of the investigation. I hope to spend the rest of my years at Dordt College before I retire to a small house on a lake in Florida.”

Not everyone believes the president is as innocent as he appears. One staff member, who withdrew his or her name from the record, said, “Word has it that he has been doing this for years. It is truly horrible to see such a thing to happen to a great college.

The investigation will continue and new items will appear throughout the next coming weeks. In the worst case scenario, the president will spend three months in jail, according to FBI authorities.

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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