New department chair looks to recent election candidates for new curriculum

After the recent election, Dordt College has decided to hire a new Political Science Department Chair, Gary Partisan, to educate students in Hillump politics. He plans to incorporate these political ideas in all Political Science classes.

Professor Partisan received his undergraduate degree in Political Studies from American University in Washington D.C., with a graduate degree in Scandal and One-Liner Political Persuasion.

“Our students seemed distraught and confused as to how to vote in the recent election,” said Dordt College Political Science professor Jeff Taylor. “But the exemplary politics and intellectual talk shown by each candidate were novel.”

Taylor teaches American National Politics, International Relations and Contemporary Political Thought this semester. Next fall, he plans to adjust those classes to include the perspectives of the previous two party candidates—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Partisan saw the candidates as good worldwide exposure for America. Their contribution to American politics cannot be forgotten.

Partisan’s graduate degrees emphasized “winning” in debates, using your hands to make your points and appropriately using the word “WRONG” (with emphasis necessary for full effect) to contradict your opponent. He also mentioned the importance of incorporating scandal into politics as a form of distraction and using private emails for the majority of political dialogue between colleagues.

Next year, Taylor plans to teach American National Politics from a defense perspective. The department is adding additional defense classes entitled Terrorism: Where and How to Suspect It and Build the Wall: Making America Great Again.

The International Relations class hopes to expose students to politics around the world while teaching them about America’s superiority to other countries.

“I’m excited to see what I saw in the election debates, in the political commercials and on my Spotify station playing a key role in my classes,” said Levi Vander Molen, junior Political Science major at Dordt College.

In the spring, Partisan plans to teach a Global Security Issue class focused on keeping immigrants and refugees out of America.

“It may seem unfamiliar” he said, “but it is the trend, and it coincides with the Build the Wall: Making America Great Again class offered in the fall.”

In addition, spring classes, American Constitutional Law and Public Policy, will include topics related to email etiquette and healthcare reform.

“Even though I did not support either of the two main party candidates this year, I feel Professor Partisan will help students understand the trends in Hillump politics,” said Caeden Tinklenberg, Senior Chair of Student Symposium. “Understanding and engaging culture—even politics—is what we do at Dordt.”

The election increased interest in politics and the Poli-Sci department expects student enrollment in the program to grow.

“We are excited about potential student growth,” said Partisan. “Using the modern techniques and practices from our recent two party candidates allows us to remain engaged in the present direction of politics.”

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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