Mannequin becomes mannequin-not challenge

Austin Hough, Ace Reporter

A brand-new, social media challenge has recently emerged. Many remember the ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, and others – but this one stands out from the rest. Introducing, the mannequin challenge! In this contest, people stand absolutely still, trying not to make a single movement or even breathe – like mannequins – while making a video. A popular hit with many sports teams across the nation, this pastime is not without consequences. Recently, the Dordt Blades decided as a team to take on the challenge, but the results proved disastrous.

As senior Dylan Bartels described the scene, he had difficulty recounting the majority of the story – the tears were almost too much to handle.

“All I remember is everyone was super still, and were doing great! But as soon we were done…that one freshman whose name I can’t remember was on the ground, not breathing at all, and we couldn’t do anything! We quickly rushed him to the E.R., where they finally got him to start breathing again.”

Students hope and pray for a quick recovery for the anonymous freshman as he is on bed-rest for the remainder of the month.

Professors say that the mannequin challenge should be banned from Dordt’s campus because of how dangerous it has proved to be.

“The college will be going into a detailed investigation of the incident, but for now we recommend that none of the college teams, or actually any students, try the challenge until we receive more information on the subject. If it proceeds to become a life-threatening event, then we need to protect ourselves,” said President Hoekstra in a bold statement shortly after the incident occurred.

These challenges are becoming more dangerous and continuing to harm people. This is just one of multiple examples which, though devastating, will hopefully bring people to their senses.

This article was taken from the Zircon issue of The Dordt Diamond

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